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Armchair Travel


Can't afford to travel to Indonesia? (Though the cost is surprisingly only about the same as a 10-day Caribbean cruise!) Or does such a far-away voyage just seems out of reach for you? No problem! You can travel to Indonesia by desktop.

Travel With Those Who have Been There

Photo Galleries

Hello Indonesia's collection of photos from Bali and Java Islands

Indonesian Destinations by asiafoto

Ossen Family Photo Galleries - Indonesia

Image Indonesia

Photo Essays at


A Komodo Adventure by Peter Miller

Enjoying Anyer's Earthly Indulgence by Chriswan Sungkono

Going Postal in Indonesia by Gregory McElwain

Myths, Culture and the Custom of Haggling by Chriswan Sungkono

Trailing the Treasure Island of Lombok By Grace Emilia

Jogjakarta, the Never Ending Asia By Grace Emilia

I've been to Bali too! By Marigold Williams


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